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4000 Series Vertical Outlet

Category 5e Cabling System

Product summary
The BCC NetSys 4000 Series offers Enhanced Category 5 performance in a High Density package.

The BCC NetSys 4000 Series is extremely quick and easy to install; just attach the base plate, snap in the PCB, punch down the cables and install the cover. Gone are the problems of installing modules into a faceplate and pushing excess wires into a back box.

The 4000 Series Outlets have been designed for direct wall mounting with top entry mini trunking. In addition, they fit on a standard back box to provide maximum mounting flexibility. The position of the sockets on the Vertical Outlet allow for a compact installation without protruding leads.

Features & benefits
• High Density, single gang unit
• Available in a 2 or 4 port version
• Enhanced Category 5 performance
• No protruding leads
• Designed for direct wall mounting
• Custom logo service available

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