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BCC BMS-Tec™- Multi-Conductor Cables

Application and Construction


All PVC and HFFR sheathed multi-conductor cables are suitable for
Building Management Systems (BMS), Sound, Audio, Security, Safety,
Control and Instrumentation.


Wire = conductor without or with insulation. With insulation sometimes also indicated as core.

Conductor: flexible = twisted bare or tinned copper strands, ranging from 12 to 22AWG.

Insulation: Polypropylene (PP) for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheathed cables and Halogen-Free (HFFR) for HFFR sheathed cables. Both insulations are in accordance with BS EN 50290-2. Good strippable and coloured insulation. The colours are not interchangeable.
Colour scheme of wires with 12 or 14 AWG conductors: black-whitered- green-brown-blue-orange-yellow-purlpe-grey-pinktan.
Colour scheme of wires with ≥ 16AWG conductors: black-red-whitegreen- brown-blue-orange-yellow-purlpe-grey-pink-tan.

Cable core: two or more wires, twisted.
Good twisting (lay-length < 30 – 40D) is necessary otherwise the cable
can hardly be bending and will break after a few bends.

DC Resistance
24 7 x 32 7 x 0.2 ≤ 88
22 7 x 30 7 x 0.25 ≤ 57.4
20 7 x 28 7 x 0.32 ≤ 32.16
18 7 x 26 7 x 0.40 ≤ 22.7
16 19 x 29 19 x 0.28 ≤ 15.47
14 19 x 27 19 x 0.36 ≤ 9.36
12 19 x 25 19 x 0.45 ≤ 5.61

Drain wire: (only in combination with a screen): stranded tinned copper
wires. In order to avoid corrosion, it is recommended that drain wires
are tinned.

Screen: (if applicable): Helically applied (= as a spiral) Aluminium/
Polyester (Alpet) foil. For the flexibility of a cable a helically applied foil
is to be preferred. A longitudinally applied foil act more as a stiff tube =
more difficult to bend.

Sheath: grey PVC or purple HFFR or black UV-resistant HFFR, all in
accordance with BS EN 50290-2.

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