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Construction Product Regulations

As of 1st July 2017, it is now obligatory for cables, having an intended use for permanent installation in buildings and construction works, to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and to have CE marking (labelling) under the CPR (See examples below).

This requirement relates only to the Reaction to Fire performance of the cables.
It is important to understand whether the cables intended use is for permanent installation in a building. A large percentage of cables supplied by British Cables Company are intended for EXTERNAL USE and are thus, not affected by CPR. In the cases where some of these cables enter a building for a small length (e.g. Dropwires), a CPR classification is available along with all of the required technical documentation to ensure compliance with the Regulation. For other external cables such as CW1128 and its derivatives, these are purely for external use and thus, no CPR compliance is required.

The publication of BS 6701 2016 Amendment 1has brought further structure into the regulatory position for Data and communication cables, and there is now a requirement for some product to be classified as Cca (s1b, d2, a2). BS6701 is also referenced with the wiring regulations (BS7671- 18th edition).

Here at BCC, we can provide Data and communication cables that fully comply with the requirements of CPR from B2ca to Eca. We hold a full DoP library and these declarations are available upon request.

For further information on the CPR and for DoP’s, please contact us at

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