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PeUT TT Solid Telephone Cable

PACW/solid polyethylene insulation/moisture barrier/polyethylene sheath
External Telephone Cable (Complies with BT Specification CW1171)

CW1171 Solid insulation, dry cables


The cable is designed primarily for use in the Local Main Network where it is pressurised and used in conjunction with Resin Air Blocks. There is an option for spare pair units to be incorporated into cables of 200 Pairs and above.

Twisted pairs in 25 Pair Units. The pair range is 50 – 4800.

Product description
Plain annealed solid copper wire, solid polyethylene insulation, twisted pairs, polypropylene and paper core wraps, and a black low-density polyethylene sheath incorporating a longitudinally applied aluminium/polyethylene moisture barrier.

N.B. In the event of fire, the gases evolved from this cable are free from Halogen and the design is optimised to limit the quantity and cleanliness of the smoke evolved during this period. Although the acronym LSZH is applied to the sheath material, the terms LSOH, ZHLS and HFFR are also applicable.

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