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Central Office Cable

Plain Annealed Copper Wire/PVC Insulation/LSZH Sheathed
Internal Telephone Cable (Complies with BT Specification CW1308)

CW1308 LSZH Internal telephony wiring – PVC/LSZH

The cable is designed to handle low frequency signals for shortrange
applications and is intended to be terminated in Insulation
Displacement Connectors (IDC), but may be soldered or wrapped.

There are three modes of construction; Layer for general use, including
two cables for installation in customer’s premises where a good
appearance is required. Unit, of 20 pairs, including a 1.38mm diameter
insulated earth conductor, for use with customer distribution schemes.
Unit, of 16 pairs, for use with the binary number system. Unit, of 30
pairs, for use with Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) systems.

Product description
Plain annealed solid copper wire, PVC insulated twisted pair or
triple, PVC sheath. An optional screen of aluminium/PVC is
available on request.

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