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Indoor / Outdoor Cable

PACW/PVC Insulation/LAP/LSZH Sheathed
Universal Campus Cable (Construction and Electrical Performance as per CW1308)

CW1308B Indoor outdoor campus cables


The cable is designed primarily for interconnection between buildings
within a telecommunication network where the cable is used both
inside the building and outside in ducts between the buildings. The
cable replaces the traditional PVC sheathed cable inside the building
and the Polyethylene sheathed cable outside, making the need to joint
at building entries redundant. The design includes a metallic moisture
barrier bonded to the sheath to combat the ingress of moisture
vapour and the sheath is a low smoke non-halogenated polymer, which
imparts a high degree of flame retardancy to the cable. The cable core
is similar to BCC Specification CW 1308.

Twisted pairs in 10 Pair Units. The pair range is 10 – 100.

Product description
Plain annealed solid copper wire; PVC insulation with the
required number of pairs assembled in 20 pair units. A
polyester tape is applied over the cable core followed by a
Polyethylene/Aluminium Laminate moisture barrier, which is

Product description (continued)
bonded to the Low Smoke Non-Halogenated (LSZH) sheath.
An optional 1.38mm diameter PVC insulated Earth Wire may be included within the cable core on request.

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