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Duplex Zip Twin Cable

Fibre Optic Cabling

Product summary
BTNS zip twin cables, often referred to as duplex cables, are constructed with two simplex units joined together by a central web. These tight jacketed cables utilise 900 micron buffered fibre and are constructed into 2.8mm cables. In addition, mini zip twin cable is also available, using 600 micron buffers. Ideal for patch leads, pigtails, test leads etc.

Features & benefits

  • Range of fibres available
  • Direct termination
  • Compact rugged construction
  • LSZH sheath
  • Multimode fibre: Hytrel tight buffered
  • Singlemode fibre: Easistrip gel-free LSZH semi-tight buffered providing 30cm stripping for quick termination
  • Mini zip twin: Nylon tight buffered
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