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FTP Compact Module

Category 6 Cabling System

Product summary
The BCC NetSys Category 6 FTP Compact Module provides the performance needed for present and next generation data communications networks and applications, including Gigabit Ethernet, with the added benefit of shielding to minimise the risk of EMI. The use of next generation components and specially designed boards allow a bandwidth of 250MHz to be achieved in a shielded package. Category 6 compact modules can be fitted into single or dual gang Euro faceplates and can be combined with quarter blanks and/or voice modules to provide the required configuration.

The compact design provides one of the shallowest wall outlets on the market; making them the ideal solution wherever back-box depth is a problem. The modules are fully compliant with the ANSI/TIA Category 6 standards.

Features & benefits
• Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
• Shallow design requires minimal back-box depth
• Interchangeable with all other Euro modules and quarter blanks
• Fits all standard Euro faceplates
• Individually QA tested

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