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High Density Patching Frame

Data and Server Cabinets

Product summary
The BTNS High Density Patching Frame is a simple solution for housing 42x 24 way patch panels. The frame is also suitable for the mounting of active equipment and the accommodation of standard power distribution units.

The frame comes fully assembled and is of welded steel construction. It’s designed to have no tight corners or sharp edges – the edges are radiused in key areas to prevent over stressing of cables.

A 3-way roof mounting fan unit is available if additional cooling is required, as are optional lockable doors and removable rear or side panels. Patching frames can be installed separately, side by side, back to back or against a wall depending on available space and customer requirements.

Features & benefits
• Strong welded steel construction
• Optional lockable front door and removable rear or side panels
• 3-way roof mounting fan unit available
• No sharp edges or tight corners
(prevents over stressing of cables)
• Supplied fully assembled

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