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AzLM Axle Counter Cable

Compliant with NR/L2/SIG/30060 – Network Rail certificate of acceptance

LSZH sheathed cable types


Signalling in railway networks. Axle counter system for traffic management.

Railway Signalling cables

Product description
Plain annealed solid copper wire, solid polyethylene insulation, twisted pairs, polypropylene and paper core wraps, and a black low-density polyethylene sheath incorporating a longitudinally applied aluminium/polyethylene moisture barrier.

4. Stranding
Concentric Layers

5. Core wrapping
Plastic tape(s) with overlapping

6. Antirodent protection
glassfibre tape

7. Moisture barrier
Aluminiumpolymer laminate tape (incl Drain/continuity wire)

8. Sheath
ZHL5 Compound

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