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Pro Patch Panel

Fibre Optic Cabling

The BTNS pro patch panel is available with a wide range of adaptor types and populations. The panel features fully adjustable, heavy duty mounting brackets, numbered adaptor ports and pre-moulded cable entries. The panel includes a high grade sliding tray for easy access to the splice tray, and comes with both side and front Cable management to keep equipment organised. The panel features a completely sealed front lid which can be opened and closed by small latches located either side.

Panels are supplied fully loaded and complete with splice management.
Unloaded versions and other connector styles are available upon request.

Features & benefits
• Pro Panels can be supplied fully loaded with pigtails
• Customised fronts available
• Front and side Cable management
• High grade sliding panels
• Heavy duty profile brackets
• Port identification
• High grade cable clamping
• Easy access pre-moulded cable entry
• Designation label and core management splice tray for
organised networking

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