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SWA Uni Tube Fibre Cable

Fibre Optic Cabling

Product summary
The BTNS SWA Uni Tube Cable is suitable for direct burial installations making it the perfect solution for the most demanding and harsh environments. The SWA cable has excellent tensile strength and the layer of 0.9mm steel wire provides safe rodent protection. The cable core consists of a central jelly filled polyester tube with up to 24 optical fibres contained within. The tube is protected with a water blocking E-glass yarn and a black LDPE, UV stable inner jacket plus a layer of 0.9mm steel wire armouring. All of which is surrounded by a 1.5mm thick black FRNC/LSZH sheath which protects the cable and construction and is extremely resistant to the ingress of moisture.

A choice of multimode and singlemode fibre types and specifications are offered ranging from 4 up to 24 fibre configurations. This tough rugged cable is ideal for all external environments including direct burial, tunnels and heavy duty ducts.

Features & benefits
• 4 to 24 fibre configuration
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
• Waterproof
• Rodent proof
• Cables have a LSZH flame retardant sheath
• Suitable for direct burial
• Available in 50/125, 62.5/125 and singlemode fibre types

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