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Termination Kit & Fyberscope™

Fibre Optic Cabling

Product summary
Whether termination procedures are taking place on-site or in a production facility, the BTNS Termination Kit provides all the necessary equipment and consumables for manufacturing cabling assemblies and terminating cables.

The kit is supplied in a rugged carry case, resistant to demanding on-site working conditions. BTNS termination kits are available from stock with replacement consumables available individually.

The BTNS Fyberscope™ is the ideal instrument for carrying out the necessary visual checks on a fibre optic ferrule. Designed to be a handheld and lightweight optical microscope, the Fyberscope™ is available in four styles – 100, 200, 320 and 400 times magnification. The Fyberscope™ is manufactured with a robust metal construction, and provides a clear central focus – eliminating the need for alignment. The Fyberscope™ also includes a backlight facility, enabling the user to illuminate the fibre core and check for scratches, cracks and other impurities. A choice of universal or dedicated adaptors can be supplied.

Termination kit contents
2oz cleaning solvent, 4 bit screwdriver, fibre stripper, safety glasses, PVC electrical tape, black marker, connector cleaner, 5x degreaser wipes, Kevlar scissors, 5x 60mm fusion splice sleeves, ruler, jacket stripper, black work mat, buffer tube stripper, fibre disposal unit, fabric tape measure, round cable slitter, 6” side cutting pliers, foam swabs, 1/2 nut driver, cleaning tissues, 3x economy tie labels, utility knife, tweezers, shrink tube kit, needle nose pliers, 1 m furcation, piano wire, fibre optic wipes – all supplied in a rugged carry case.

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