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UTP Compact Module

Category 6 Cabling System

Product summary
The BCC NetSys Category 6 Compact Module is designed to provide one of the shallowest wall outlets on the market. They are the ideal solution wherever back-box depth is a problem. The attractive high gloss finish and easy to use labelling system is identical to all other BCC NetSys Cabling Systems Modules, making them interchangeable in most applications. Category 6 Compact Modules can be fitted into single or dual gang Euro Faceplates and can be combined with quarter blanks and/or voice modules to provide the required configuration. BCC NetSys Category 6 Modules are fully compliant with the ANSI/TIA Category 6 Standard. When used in conjunction with BCC NetSys Category 6 Patch Panels and UTP Cable the user will get a link performance exceeding the Category 6 requirements.

Features & benefits
• Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
• Shallow design requires minimal back-box depth
• Interchangeable with all other Euro modules and quarter blanks
• Fits all standard Euro faceplates
• Individually QA tested

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