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UTP High Density Patch Panel

Category 6 Cabling System

Product summary
BCC NetSys Category 6 High Density Elite Patch Panels provide the performance needed for present and next generation data communications networks and applications, including Gigabit Ethernet. The high density format is ideal where cabinet space is at a premium.
Available in a 1u 24 port format and a 2u 48 port format, these Category 6 High Density panels achieve optimum transmission performances
by incorporating the highest quality components and innovative on-board compensation techniques. The front of the panel features easy to use slide-in labels. The rear utilises colour coded cable saddles and hook and loop retainers. All BCC NetSys Category 6 High Density Panels are fully compliant with the ANSI/TIA Category 6 Standard. When used in conjunction with BCC NetSys Category 6 Modules and UTP Cable, the user will get a link performance exceeding Category 6 requirements.

Features & benefits
• Category 6 performance
• Unique colour coded saddles allow for quick and easy termination
• Industry standard IDCs
• Top quality high performance sockets
• Individually QA tested
• Manufactured in the UK

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