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UTP LJ6C Module

Category 6 Cabling System

Product summary
Category 6 modules provide the performance needed for present and next generation data communications networks and applications, including Gigabit Ethernet. The use of next generation components and specially designed boards allow a bandwidth of 250MHz to be achieved.
BTNS Category 6 LJ6C Modules are ideal for use in floorboxes, or any application that has an industry standard LJ6C aperture. Single and dual gang faceplates are available for up to four LJ6C modules in addition to panels suitable for Ackerman Floorboxes. Their attractive high gloss finish and easy to use labelling system makes them popular with both installers and end users alike. Installation is made easy with the unique colour coded cable saddle and the use of industry standard IDCs.

Features & benefits
• Industry standard LJ6C size
• Category 6 performance
• Compact low profile design
• Industry standard IDCs
• Top quality high performance sockets
• Individually QA tested

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