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UTP Right Angled High Density Patch Panel

Category 5e Cabling System

Product summary
The BCC NetSys UTP Right Angles Patch Panel is an alternative to The Enhanced Category 5 High Density Panel. It offers the same Enhanced Category 5 performance as the standard panel but has been designed to present the cable termination IDCs horizontally on a tray at the rear of the panel, making termination and Cable management easier.

BCC NetSys Enhanced Category 5 24 Way Panels achieve optimum transmission performance by incorporating the highest quality components and innovative on-board compensation techniques. The front of the panel features write on designation labels. This panel offers extended PowerSum characteristics and exceeds the ANSI/TIA-568-C specifications. When combined with BCC NetSys Enhanced Category 5 Modules and UTP Cable the link will perform well in excess of the Enhanced Category 5 Specification.

Features & benefits
• Easy to install
• Simple cable management
• Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
• Can be configured with copper and fibre to suit
individual requirements

• Mix and match copper and fibre in one panel

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