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Wire Connector

Tinned Annealed Copper Wire / Polyvinyl Chloride Insulation
(Complies with BT Specification CW1321 – Wire Connector 12000)

Wire connector 12000


This product is robust PVC insulated tinned copper annealed wire, available as a single wire, a twisted pair, twisted triple, twisted quad or twisted quintuple. It is intended for use with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) when they are fitted to distribution frames in customer’ premises

Product description
Tinned annealed solid copper wire, 0.5mm nominal diameter. Compliant with IEC Publication 60344

PVC insulation, compliant with TI 54 in BS EN 50290-2 part 21, maximum diameter 1.0mm

See Colours for insulation below

Conductor resistance:
98/km Maximum

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